Toy Hauler Brands

Toy haulers are a great way to enhance the RV experience, allowing owners to bring along their favorite recreational toys and combine their passion for adventure with the benefits of the RV lifestyle. Toy haulers, or sport-utility recreational vehicles (SURVs), are available in many RV types, from elegant Class A coaches to well-appointed Class C motorhomes to luxurious fifth-wheels. But toy haulers are also available in a handful of smaller vehicles.

Sure, some motorhomes are more spacious, and some Fifth Wheel RVs may offer a more stable towing platform, but overall, travel-trailer toy haulers allow for some of the easiest, most convenient and certainly most versatile off-grid RVing solutions. These trailers and their respective tow vehicles are generally more easily navigable to off-road-friendly locations, which may require stouter suspensions, higher road clearances and lighter weights to get to than typical commercial RV parks and public campgrounds.

While many travel-trailer toy haulers can take RVers to more out-of-the-way destinations, they still contain all the comforts of home, from pillow-top mattresses to flat-screen TVs to residential kitchens and baths. Their garage areas afford additional space, so the whole family can join in the fun. Most are built for the long haul and should stand up to the beating they will take from the journey to the campsite, and the grease, grime and hours of use they will receive on a typical adventurous getaway.

Below are some of the toy-hauling travel trailers ( Toy Haulers) that would benefit from a toyhauler screen on the rear back ramp door

Garage Brands, CrossRoads, Dutchmen, EverGreen, Highland Ridge, Keystone, Lance
Livin’ Lite, Northwood, Weekend Warrior, Winnebago, Prime Time Manufacturing,

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